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Helpful advice for families and professionals from the experts in caregiving at Koi.

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Home Care: What It Is and How Your Loved One Can Benefit From It

Home care offers personalized assistance to older adults in need—and surprisingly, these services don’t always have to take place in the home. Here are the ways home care provides much-needed support to your loved one wherever they are.

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Learning for Families

Helpful resources and information for family caregivers and others supporting an older loved one at home.


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5 Excellent Books for Family Caregivers—and the Best Takeaways

Whether you’re looking for information about dementia, coping techniques, or simply need a good laugh about caring for an aging loved one, these books will deliver.


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Strategies for Independent Living at Home as We Age

Older adults often worry about losing their independence. Many of us are proud of the lives we’ve lived and don’t want to feel limited as we age. If you’re helping an aging loved one, remember that the wish for control over your own life is not one of the things that diminish over the years. So, how can you help your loved one continue to do the things they love?



Navigating the 7 Stages of Alzheimer’s

The FAST scale assesses the “functional” or daily observable changes and symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias — and it can provide a useful map, as well as much greater understanding of the process of decline. But did you know that family members and loved ones can use this tool as well?

Learning for Professionals

Insights and information for care-continuum professionals and others who support our older population.


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When Is It Time for 24-Hour Home Care?

How do you know when it’s time to increase your loved one’s care plan to around-the-clock care? When safety becomes an issue—or family caregivers are feeling exhausted and their health is at risk.


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Ask the Expert: How to Cope with Anger as a Family Caregiver

Our clinical psychologist and Director of Memory Care at TheKey offers insights and advice to family caregivers on how to stay calm and manage feelings of caregiver anger—before boiling over.


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6 Things to Know About Mental Illness in Older Adults

Would you know if a loved one was struggling with their mental health? Here are some warning signs to look for, and ways to help.

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